By Eve Stanway – Break-up Divorce Coach

Your accountant will tell you that the impact of employee breakups and divorces on your business turnover can be massive! 

However, have you realised just how business profits and day-to-day work are affected when the workforce struggles with the impact of home life problems?

Recent research from the UK and USA has shed light on the significant toll these personal challenges can have on the workplace. Here are some key findings:

– Employee productivity can plummet by up to 40% over three years following a breakup or divorce, affecting co-workers and line managers too.

– Absenteeism sees a notable rise, with 23% of employees experiencing a breakup or divorce taking significant sick or unpaid leave.

– A staggering 70% of employees are affected by breakup or divorce at any given time.

– About 1 in 10 employees leaves the company within a year post-divorce.

– The lost productivity directly linked to divorce costs an employer a substantial 143% of the employee’s annual salary.

– Relationship breakdowns collectively cost the US industry more than $300 billion annually the figures in the UK are equally eye-watering.

Take a moment now and consider what heartbreak, separation and divorce might have cost your company in the past few years!  Many mental health issues stem from the anguish and trauma of break-up and post-separation issues around divorce, children, court hearings and time off to deal with the practical as well as emotional issues around divorce.   I often speak with people whose heartbreak means they are stuck in turmoil and simply no longer mentally present at work.  This can last for months and years. 

Have you considered whether your business could benefit from a service to help staff with these issues?

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