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Professional Standards. - The environment in which Triangle Security operates is complex, dangerous and uncertain. Successful action in this sphere requires the highest professional standards. In response to the unforeseen on operations, our operators must automatically fall back on the same core skills, knowing that the whole team will be doing the same.Loyalty. - At Triangle Security we are fiercely loyal. We believe that trust and loyalty go hand in hand and each should be earned and respected. We show the same level of Loyalty to our employees as well as our clients creating a unique level of trust and a work ethic that encourages the "go the extra mile "attitude.Integrity. - The level of our integrity is only measured by the depth of our desire to uphold our core values and beliefs. To maintain these standards requires a high level of moral courage and our traditional skills can be relied upon to be honest, displaying both integrity and confidentiality at all times.

020 3948 7071
Studio 30 @ The Crate,
Oakwood Hill Industrial Estate,
Loughton IG10 3TZ

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